Easily find the contents of a JavaScript Object

Instead of tracing the source of a function and going thourgh it to find the elements of a JavaScript Object, place this function in your code (temporrarily) to see what an Object consists of.

var YOUR_JAVASCRIPT_OBJECT = new Object();
//below is the loop which prints the contents of our object 
//this would be pretty useful if we cannot see the above code
var object_params;
       for (object_params in YOUR_JAVASCRIPT_OBJECT)
           alert("Your JavaScript has this property: " + object_params);
javascript object contents

The Romford Pele always knew what his JavaScript Objects contained.


Javascript Sets

Recently while writing JavaScript (not jQuery) code, I required the use of a set. In Java, this functionality is provided by the Set collection.

The specifics of which are a collection of object where no duplicates are allowed. As no such object exists (to my knowledge) in JavaScript  I wrote it myself *smug*.

To implement a set in JavaScript  I created an array. I do not want any duplicates in this array and I want to be able to check if an item already exists in the array.

Lets say I have a list of cars.

var car_1 = ‘Ford’;
var car_2 = ‘Nissan’;
var car_3 = ‘Mitsubishi’;
var car_4 = ‘Nissan’;

I want to create an array of cars but with no duplicates:

var cars = []; //an empty array

If I want to add a car to the set (array named cars), only if it does not already exist in the JavaScript set I do so like so:

cars = growSet(cars,car_1);

The growSet function:

/*takes a setname and an item to add to said set. Returns the set with the item added to it.no duplicates */
function growSet(setName,setUnit){

       var exists = false;
          for(var i = 0; i<setName.length; i++){
                    exists = true;
               if(!(setUnit==’Select All’))
     return setName;

If I want to check if a car exists in the set (array named cars), I do so like so:


The boolean returning existsInSet function:

/*checks weather or not an item exists in a set without adding/removing said item to/from the set */
function existsInSet(setName,setUnit){
        var exists = false;
              for(var i = 0; i<setName.length; i++){
                            exists = true;
return exists;

If I want to remove a car from the set (array named cars), I do so like so:

cars = shrinkSet(cars,car_1);

The shrinkSet function:

/*takes a setname and an item to remove from said set. Returns the set with the item removed from it. */

function shrinkSet(setName,setUnit){
       var newSet = [];
          for(var i = 0; i<setName.length; i++){
                    //do nothing                  


return newSet;

Finally, enjoy a picture of Dennis Bergkamp.

dennis bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp, would rather fly than have duplicates in his JavaScript arrays.