ipconfig, ping and other command / cmd line commands not working

This video helpfully explained that if the command window was opened as an administrator, the commands would work. The fix was to add a ‘Path’ environment variable with the following value: ‘C:\Windows\System32’


Error 1723 cant unstall Java due to missing DLL

Download the Windows Installer Cleanup from here. Worked a treat.

Find Process ID of windows process running on a particular port and then kill the process

With thanks to:



  • List the processes running on ports
    • netstat -a -o -n
  • kill the task
    • taskkill /F /PID <pid>

Schedule A Java Program Windows 7 – Windows 7 Cron Job

Recently I wrote a Java program to clean up a directory on my Windows 7 machine. I wanted this java program to run each day at 5pm. Here is how I scheduled it to do so.

1 – Compiled my java program into a jar file named “FileArchiver.jar”

2 – Created a batch file with the command which runs my program. Creating a batch file is as simple as opening notepad and saving the file with a “.bat” extension. The contents of my batch file, which is named¬†“archive.bat”, consisted entirely of the following line:

java -jar “C:\GlenIris\NetBeansProjects\FileArchiver\dist\FileArchiver.jar” C:\\GlenIris\\NetBeansProjects\\FileArchiver\\properties\\securecam.properties

I then tested that the batch file ran my program by double clicking on it. It did.

3 – Schedule the task to run every day at 5. I did this by opening Windows Task Scheduler like so:

Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Task Scheduler

On the right hand side, click ‘create task’.

Select ‘Start a program’ from the action dropdown. In the text field, type¬†the path to the bat file. eg:


Each option in each of the other tabs is now self explanatory.

A divil for scheduling tasks on Windows Machines was Stefan Schwarz

A divil for scheduling tasks on Windows Machines was Stefan Schwarz